Making Dolls is a Great Way to Relax and Give Back

by Guest Blogger on June 26, 2013

Sales Negotiation’ Articles at Crunched BlogI have a very stressful job. I’m a negotiator for a very large company in Southern California. We have more than 1,500 members, and we’re growing strong. My days are filled with meeting after meeting. I actually went to a workshop last year that helped me be even more successful at my job ( if you’re interested), but now I’m in demand even more than before. I do consulting on the side, and I have very little time for much of anything else. However, I always make time for one thing that was passed down to me from my mother. I find solace in doll making.

I’m a novice when it comes to the craft. Everything I’ve learned has been a combination of what I saw my mom do when I grew up, and things I’ve taught myself over the years. I’ve made great connections, and great friends, who have taught me where to go to buy supplies, which projects are appropriate for my skill level, etc.

There is a wonderful community online for people just like me. We may not all have the same background.


Best Ways to Watch TV Online

by Guest Blogger on June 19, 2013

I am trying to figure out how to watch television over the Internet, and I am pretty sure that it can be done, but I just do not know anything about the process at this point. I hope to learn a lot about it in the next few hours though, because I am not going to stop doing research until I find out what I want to know. I want to figure out a site that will letmewatchthis show that I have been dying to see the rest of for a couple of months, but have unfortunately not really had a way to make that happen.

It occurred to me the other day that I might be able to watch it over the web, and that is why I am currently looking for more information to help me out with this quest. I really loved the show, but due to a shift in my work schedule that I could not have predicted, I was unable to watch the last few episodes of the season, and it has been bothering me ever since.

Moreover, I am worried that if I do not finish watching this season of the show soon, then someone I know will inadvertently spoil it for me. That is something that I really want to avoid, because you only have one chance to watch a suspenseful show like that and get the full effect. Hopefully, it will not take me a whole lot of time in order to be able to find a way to watch the show. I would like to stream it direclty from the web onto my computer monitor if that would be possible. I really would prefer that method, because I do not want to have to download anything right now.


Designer Dolls

by Web Master on July 24, 2012

Doll making is more an art form then a simple craft. The first known dolls were constructed of wood, clay material and even bone or ivory. You might say the industry has come a long way from the dolls Egyptians would put in tombs to help guide souls. Designer dolls are not only an art form, but they are valued collectors items. They sell for a couple of dollars to thousands for extravagant designs. Collecting designer dolls is an investment that can be both rewarding and fun.

The Beginning of Highline Dolls

It was the industrial age of the 19th century that initially sparked doll collecting and designer forms. Craftsmen began making doll heads in porcelain to give them a more realistic appearance. The early dolls have bodies constructed of a composite material, wood or leather. The industry has expanded to include China, bisque and fashion dolls. Designer dolls are sub specialty for artisans in the field.

What are Designer Dolls?

Simply put, designer dolls are generally one of a kind or even a limited series of doll. The true specialty comes in customization. Designer dolls have a distinctive look that is individualized. They can be fashioned after a person or a fictional character. For example, there are dolls made to resemble Princess Diana in her wedding dress. There are many dolls crafted to celebrate Disney characters like the Little Mermaid.

Is It a Doll or a Sculpture?

It is a fine line between the two. Designer dolls essentially are sculptures. Many are still molded with porcelain or bisque. Artists make dolls using polymer clay that are literally sculpted layer upon layer. The true indicator is the dressing, however. Underneath the fancy duds, many dolls might disappoint you in their similarity. The outside designs, the clothes, hair and accessories make them truly unique pieces of art.


OOAK Dolls

by Web Master on April 7, 2012

OOAK Dolls: One Of A Kind Dolls – What are they?

Ooak dolls are unique handcrafted dolls made of diverse materials. Many are created from polymer clay, which then may or may not be plasticized. Some are made by starting with barbie-style plastic dolls, which are then molded and/or painted to give an incredibly original style and personality to each creation. And yet others are soft-bodied, cloth creations. They are the most sophisticated of rag dolls. There are also ooaks made of porcelaine or any other material of the artist’s choosing. An Ooak doll must be unique. If starting with an existing doll, the body is generally finely repainted, altering the coloring and expression, at the very least. The hair usually must be entirely revamped as well. The custom clothing can be very fine, with real silk or zippers, lace, and endless attention to fine miniature details.

The dolls might represent fantasy or period creatures, or can be representations of a famous star. They can be as small as 3 inches or can be as big as 13 inches and each one has a great deal of detail, unique facial and other features. They are veritable works or art, not commercial mass produced items. Not surprisingly, when they are sold, they go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars per item.

Ideally the doll should come with an authentication certificate indicating the artist and the date of creation. It’s not unusual for an avid collector to find a doll creator that he or she appreciates and buy several works from the same artist.

Of course one of a kind dolls are not new. Traditionally, dolls were homemade by aunts, grannies, and mothers of the tykes in each home. Modern-day ooaks, however, are stunning collectors items, that one would be unlikely to leave for long in the hands of a toddler.


Gothic Dolls

by Web Master on February 12, 2012

For those doll collectors looking for something a little different, there exists the sub niche of gothic dolls created relatively recently, with the majority of these dolls appearing within the last few decades. These dolls wear the latest in gothic fashions, taken from a combination of medieval culture, the Renaissance, and the late Victorian era. Gothic dolls tend to be made with lots of black and white or black and red clothing, black leather corsets or bodices, full dresses with layers of see through lace, fishnet or striped stockings, and fishnet gloves that only cover the hand. Black wedged heel shoes or boots are common on these dolls as well, as are striking hair colors of blacks, purples and reds and facial designs that include heavy black liner around the eyes, bringing out the prominent eye color of the doll. This is usually finished off with bright red or black lips contrasted against pale skin tones.

Taking the gothic doll a step further, Mezco toys has a line of gothic dolls dubbed the Living Dead dolls, sold complete with death certificate unique to each doll. Originally designed in 1998, Mezco bought the rights shortly after and have since produced sixteen series of the original line. The Living Dead dolls are each produced in limited quantities and only for a short time. When bought new, the cost per doll averages $25.00 to $30, but can double or triple in price once the production stops and the dolls can only then be acquired through auction sites and private collectors. Other outlets for gothic dolls include Ashton Drake, providing their line of gothic fantasy dolls, ranging in price from around $60.00 to $180.00. In addition, when shopping collectible gothic dolls through auction sites, prices can vary widely, with some selling for several hundred dollars.